tirsdag 20. november 2012

The Nordic Countries Are A Global Frontrunner!

The Nordic Countries have a strong tradition of innovation, and have a well-developed digital infrastructure. The Nordic region offers a business-friendly environment with access to a dynamic market - the domestic, Nordic and European.

catchymedia.no is a company facilitating, supporting and partnering up with the coolest up-coming Online Media concepts from US, Japan and China. They team up with Rock-Star  companies within mobile, e-commerce and social-media, and the have have a Team ready to hit the ground running. They set up Joint Ventures/Special Purpose Vehicles or a Branch Office to get into business. 

Handheld devices play a crucial role when it comes to online media consumption.  The app-ification of curated media by innovative firms drive content delivery and advertising beyond new levels. This requires a specter of products and services in the interface between the Publisher and Advertiser such as Demand Side Platforms (DSP) or Real Time Bidding (RTB), AdExchanges and Ad Networks, Supply Side Platforms (SSP)/Yield solutions as well as sophisticated tools to improve analytic´s.


These are some reasons why MediaTech companies should look to the Nordic´s. 

Norway has the highest advertising revenue per person at $600 followed by Finland, Denmark and Sweden standing in the range of $350-$450. Online and Mobile Advertising modes contribute to 38% of the advertising market shares in Scandinavia, according to Tor Olav Haugen in catchymedia.no. 

Entrepreneurial Traditions 
  • Great Testbed When Scaling Proven Successes In Home Market To New Markets
  • Successful International launches like Spotify & Skype
  • International Publishers Like Sanoma, Egmont, Bonnier and Schibsted
  • International HQ´s Of Telecoms Like Telenor and TeliaSonera 
Huge Advertising Spending
  • The Highest Net Ad Spend Per Capital In The World
  • The Nordic's Is A Large Market, Proportionally Larger Than The Market As Such
  • Facebook CPM Index 2012 Rank The Nordic´s On Top 5
Great Infrastructure
  • SmartPhone Penetration Like Nowhere Else
  • Broadband And Internet Access In Nearly Every Home
  • Internet purchases By Individuals Index 155% Compared With The EU
  • The 2012 Prosperity Index Rank The Nordic´s on Top 3
  • Average Income Is Approx. EURO 25,000
  • High Employment Rate (Illustrative picture)
Leonards Cohens´ «First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin» does not apply anymore. In order to succeed you need to do both and Think Global, Act Local. Success is all about people, people and people - and the good ones are hard to find and tough to get. A Proven Team Makes a Big Difference having the right entrepreneur´ish mindset, skills and capability to kickstart a new business in new territories. Local people on the ground with a solid network is what makes the difference. catchymedia.no bring acceleration of proven concepts and technology to new levels, by kickstarting proven concepts throughout the Nordic´s in record time. 

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